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Showmars. Did you know?

  Did you know… that our friends at Showmars work hard every day to serve you food that is fresh, and never frozen? While our favorites include their signature Fresh Fish Fillet Sandwich, Gyro Pita, and The Super C, Showmars also has our healthy options covered.  Don’t believe us, take a look at their new commercial featuring their Greek […]

Happy Galentine’s Day

Hold up Valentine’s Day, Friday February 13th brings you Galentine’s Day.  Sorry bro’s, our team can’t forget to celebrating the…whoa now, we won’t go there. Seriously though, our team is honored to work with some of the most amazing women. They are strong, they are smart, they are creative, and they work tirelessly. Ladies, here’s to […]

Kim Hummel Photography: Tax Time

“It’s better to spend money like there’s no tomorrow than to spend tonight like there’s no money.” I’m not certain my accountant would agree with this Irish Drinking Toast… although I am certain after speaking with Scott Boyar yesterday, he might feel like a double tonight. Kim Hummel Photography extends a big shout out to our CPA, Scott Boyar. Thanks for all […]