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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Bling It

I love contrast; the state of being STRIKINGLY different. As I begin typing this blog featuring an image from a recent photo shoot, I automatically giggle as I gaze down at the oversized t-shirt, jeans and Danskos I gladly put on this morning. These days bling is quickly being replaced by sensibly chic, or possibly […]

Daniel Seddiqui: Living The Map

  Daniel Seddiqui attained an economics degree at the University of Southern California only to find no jobs waiting for him after graduation. Did I mention he’s been looking for three years? Sign of the economic times? Daniel turned his vision to traveling 50 states, in 50 weeks, working 50 different jobs along the way. […]


MEET IRWIN. Irwin represents the character in all of us fighting to get out. He’s full of heart, talent and attitude! ┬áCaring nothing for social stigmas, Irwin stares life in the face and says “BRING IT”! What will Irwin do next? What will YOU do next? Please join us in following Irwin’s adventures. Find your […]