Pat’s Coffee Shop

I recently had the opportunity to shoot an assignment for Our Sate Magazine in Historic Downtown Mooresville NC . First of all, what a charming area! Many of the buildings date from the 1850’s and are not only still standing but occupied by businesses. Within one of these buildings you will find the focus of our assignment: Pat’s Coffee Shop, a most unique establishment run by Richard Warren. Pat’s Coffee Shop is dedicated to honoring America’s Veterans and Active Duty Military personnel and their enthusiasm is felt the moment you walk in the door. The first time you walk into the shop, you will probably be greeted with a welcoming hug from Cheryl, a firm handshake from Richard, and a tutoring of the vast history within Pat’s Coffee Shop; both living and inanimate. I suggest going on a Saturday morning for coffee and Old Time music. The morning I visited there were approximately 13 people of all ages and gender playing banjos, stand up bass, fiddle, mandolin and a variety of guitars. If you like this music genre at all, you won’t be disappointed, I personally had goose bumps the entire time I was there. So next Saturday morning, when you are trying to figure out where to go grab coffee, skip the usual and head down to Pat’s Coffee Shop for an unforgettable experience. And don’t forget to check out the article in Our State Magazines May issue.

Pat's Coffee Shop Pat's Coffee Shop

Pat's Coffee Shop Pat's Coffee Shop Pat's_485_1 Pat's Coffee Shop

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