Daniel Seddiqui: Living The Map

Living the Map


Daniel Seddiqui attained an economics degree at the University of Southern California only to find no jobs waiting for him after graduation. Did I mention he’s been looking for three years? Sign of the economic times? Daniel turned his vision to traveling 50 states, in 50 weeks, working 50 different jobs along the way. His mission: to explore the diverse careers, environments and cultures offered in America. Week 35 brought Daniel to North Carolina working job number 35 at Directions USA Talent/Modeling Agency as a talent agent, booking agent, and yes…a model. Although I didn’t make him wear stilettos I did drag him out in the country and garbed him up in a seersucker suit. What can I say, you can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl.


My gracious thanks to all who helped make this happen… within 24 hours:

Pam Warner: Directions USA;Talent Agent, Daniel Seddiqui: Directions USA; Talent,Sara Henning: Talent,  Shane Baskin: Blackbox Studios; Producer/Retoucher, Sara McMillan: Blackbox Studios:Assistant Producer,Jason Dulin: Blackbox Studios; Photographer’s Assistant/Retoucher, Daniel Cunningham: Kim Hummel Photography; First Assistant/Comic Relief, Ben Eppes: Second Assist/Grip, Scott Butler: Second Assist/Grip, Melissa Melvin:Wardrobe, Ginger Knussman: Wardrobe, Lori Hobler: Make-Up Artist, Hollywood Rentals:Grip Supplies.

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