Bling It


I love contrast; the state of being STRIKINGLY different. As I begin typing this blog featuring an image from a recent photo shoot, I automatically giggle as I gaze down at the oversized t-shirt, jeans and Danskos I gladly put on this morning. These days bling is quickly being replaced by sensibly chic, or possibly just plain sensibility. I suggest and prefer bubbles!

Early in the year the Kim Hummel Photography team had the fine opportunity to meet and photograph Kaleigh for a feature article in Super Models Unlimited. As we wrapped up a day of shooting Kaleigh mentioned a shot of her dripping in “Bling”! I looked over at a tub that has been renting space in our studio for months and we agreed to schedule another day to bring on the bling. With the combined talents of Heather Hawkin’s ( Hair &Makeup), Jason Dulin ( Retoucher), and Liz Compton ( Photo Assist) I’m happy to share our results. The pink background was too much “bling” for the magazine’s taste and they opted for the wood floor we originally photographed for their cover. ( featured in “The After Party” section of my Kim Hummel Photography website).
One of the most beautiful things about being a photographer is being exposed to and exposing an incredibly wide variety of PEOPLE . No matter the similarities or differences to myself, they undeniably bring color into my life.
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